Martin Myers

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Artistic Influences

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Martin's art captures rural life of the recent past. His images of small independent farms and country roads reflect scenes reminiscent of his youth in Ontario and Manitoba, spent in the countryside.

He was deeply involved with the natural world, exploring streams or walking in the fields. He was introduced to an intimate world of birds, trees and plants, working together in harmony.

He allows us to share his wonder at the artifacts of a rapidly changing agricultural landscape. The technologies that changed Canada, be they tractors, cars or airplanes, are symbols of lost independence and skilled workmanship. The interplay of man, machine and nature is celebrated in his stories.

The other important source of inspiration has been the lakes, rivers and wilderness of cottage country. The natural world of shorelines set up a relationship whereby the composition is made of parts of a whole.

As an adult, he has spent Summers in the Eastern Townships of Québec. This has provided the same emotional connection to the landscape, with added elements of Mountains, Rivers and Lakes. The vivid textural contrasts are a constant source of imagery and colour.

Martin draws constantly, filling sketchbooks with appealing scenes and details, concentrating on shape and composition. In the Studio, he plans out his compositions, based on these assembled memories until he has a confident narrative. The subject of each painting will dictate the style of painting. He may allow the paint to flow in a loose, unstructured style in a water scene or he may control the paint to produce exquisite architectural details. Both rely on a palette of warm approachable colours.

Watercolour painters whose works have had an impact on Martin are, C.W. Jefferys, Walter J. Phillips, William Russell Flint, Carl Larsson and contemporary Canadian artist, Robert Sinclair.

July 29, 2013