Martin Myers

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Martin, a lifelong artist, graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Toronto in 1968. His formal art education started there. He established his own business in Architectural Design & Perspectives in 1973. He was involved in designing residences, schools, offices, and theme parks for various Architects during his 40 successful years of self-employment.

Ever since studying watercolour painting at the Ontario College of Art, in the mid-1980s, this artform has become his passion. He now emphasizes painting over architectural work with a focus on landscapes, aviation and birds. Recently he has been exploring abstracts and planned compositions.

He has participated in several group shows and competitions. His watercolours are in many collections across Canada.



"Martin Myers' approach to landscape painting is like an artful game of chess, moving component parts around to a winning conclusion.

Rather than place a group of trees exactly where nature planted them, this Watercolourist will selectively re-arrange the composition to suit his aesthetic sensibilities. The result is still a little corner of Quebec or a friend's farm in Ontario, recognizable as that specific locale but reconstructed to make for a more satisfying end result.
Martin will often capture these components from the driver's seat of his fast moving car, and, later still, will transpose them from pencil drawings into fine, carefully considered paintings."

J. Joel: Designer, Illustrator, Artist, Art Instructor.